cultus ferox

We know for many years, their debut-album was released in 2002, Cultus Ferox is inspired by Medieval music and rock. The band is on the move constantly without losing contact with their roots, their debut-album was a medieval rock Christmas album, later on they put some Pirate-romantics in their music.
In 2015 they release an album which is a lot louder, compared to the earlier releases. It takes back on their album ‘Wiederkehr’.



Weihnachtstänze aus dem Dudelmannsack (2002)
Wiederkehr (2003)
Flamme des Meeres (MCD 2004)
Aufbruch (2005)
Strandgut (DVD 2006)
Unbeugsam (2006)
Rumtour (Live CD/DVD 2007)
AHOII (MCD 2013)
Beutezug (2013)
Nette Jungs (2015)




Not Active