cumulo nimbus

Cumulo Nimbus is founded in 2000 in the medieval city Landsberg am Lech. The idea was to make medieval and Renaissance music with loud guitars, bass and drums, spiced up with lute, mandolin, violin and flute. Nowadays the music form English, French and German renaissance of end 16th begin 17th century their starting point. The lyrics are in German and are often meant to get the listener thinking. In their music is a lot of Medieval and rock and a bit of metal.
After their 2011 album, it becomes more and more quiet around this band.

But in 2023 the bands becomes active again.

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Minne, Met und Moritaten (2002)
Die andere Saite (2002)
Nachtwache (2004)
Stunde der Wahrheit (2007)
Totensonntag (2009)
Schattenjäger (2011)

Burgfolk 2011
Hörnerfest 2011