darkest era

Darkest Era formed under the name Nemesis in 2005. They wrote their first song, ‘Battle of Cul Dreimne’ had an unintentional Celtic leaning which was to permeate the band’s writing from then on. Originally taking influence from early Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy and Irish folk music, their self titled demo, Nemesis, was released in mid 2006. A collection of raw, energetic and twin guitar driven songs.
In 2007, the band decided to change their name to DARKEST ERA, due mainly to the increasing number of bands using the Nemesis moniker, and also to reflect the changing direction of song writing. Influences from doom, black, and pagan metal crept their way into the band and songs became darker with a more epic leaning.
The music can be described as Celtic Metal.

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The Journey Through Damnation (EP 2008)
The Oaks Session (EP 2010)
The Last Caress of Light (2011)
Severance (2014)
Gods and Origins (7″Vinyl EP 2015)
Wither on the Vine (2022)