Diabol Boruta

The band “Diaboł Boruta” is probably the oldest Polish band playing gruba because the first mentions about its activity date back to the tenth century, when in 966 they played on the personal request of Mieszko. Their first public performance on the occasion of the Baptism of Poland. Because of the problems with the flow, it was obviously an “unpluged” shot. The next opportunity to present this time to the international circle was the Gniezno Congress and the Great Popijawa at one Wierzynek where the band caused a considerable scandal singing many songs whose words referred to paganism and Slavic Deities and ghosts and did not mention the Holy Spirit. The evening ended with a real scandal when a tankard thrown by a tanker, pressed to the German envoy, which in a long time ended with the battle of Cedynia. After these events, as a result of being sent to the penal colony “North Żmudź”, the band suspends its activities for a while. The next important performances were support before the Battle of Grunwald and as usual the emotions took over: the drummer was later immortalized by Master Matejko as a hero slaughtering the ax of Master Teutonic. The band creates great Polish hits: Bogurodzica and Hej Sokoły commonly sung during feasts and state ceremonies. In 1569, during a tour of Lithuania, the band signed the Treaty on the Polish-Lithuanian Union on behalf of Poland and then the fans devastate Grodno …. Legends also go to joint celebrations with Kochanowski. Unfortunately, after one of them, the well-known poem about lip-ian has become obsolete. 1683 along with a huge crowd of fans and bandies go to a concert and kebabs to Vienna. And, as usual, the trip ends with a big spierduchą. For the period of Baroque, it suspends activity due to the ubiquitous stench and lice in the courts and restaurants. According to some chroniclers, they are responsible for partitions from 1772 – during a tour in Europe, a possible pregnancy occurred in the Russian woman, and a bad woman or her high-ranking father is worse than the hornet and is also mentioned in the helmet of the Emperor of Austria and the rapid import of Prussian-German stagecoaches . After Poland regained its independence, together with Wieniawa-Długoszowski and Józef P., they introduced fashion to mustaches. In the years 1939 – 1945 they organize Folk self-defense workshops in Lasów, known as the Accordionists Commandos – the band rapidly increases the number of members. Until the 1990s, it suspends operations and reactivates only in the 21st century. Due to the lack of sound recording in the times of Mieszko I and later, it records its first promo only one thousand years later, in 2011.

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Leśny duch… (Demo 2014)
Stare ględźby (2015)
Widziadła (2016)
Czary (Single 2019)
Borutus Akusticus (2023)
Byłem Ogni Dębem (2023)