DreamSpirit was born in the peaceful town of Tai’an, Shandong. This is the gateway to China’s sacred mountain Mount Tai and is where the Confucius values were rooted. Childhood friends found their own inner peace in heavy metal, owing much to the legendary Chinese band Tang Dynasty. To pursue their dream in music, the two relocated to Beijing in 2011.
Their emphasis on melodies in Chinese scales and poetic words attracted like-minded musicians in Beijing to complete the lineup. The debut album Mountains and Rivers came in 2014. The riffs are as heavy as Mount Tai and the use of folk instruments like Dizi and Xiao (Chinese flutes), guzheng, erhu, made their music unmistakably Chinese.

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Jiāngshān (2014)
cháo gē (Ancient Poems) (EP 2015)
pòxiǎo (Live 2016)
Live in Ragnarock Open Air 2015 (Live 2016)
zhú tú (Compilation 2016)
jiāng·jūn (2017)
神兵 (Warriors of Heaven’s Descend) (EP 2019)
Gōngyuán yī’èrqījiǔ (2021)