drink hunters

Drink Hunters was born in Barcelona in 2008 when the founders of this band decided to take the path of celtic punk rock. They missed some items to fill their energic punk rock with Irish folk touches. They filled this in with fiddle and accordion and later with Irish tin whistles and banjo.
In 2010, they managed to record their first EP, which was completely self-produced and they signed with the label “Discos Rayados” and later that same year they had the opportunity to appear on the “Whiskey Devils a tribute to The Mahones” compilation versioning the song “Take no Prisoners”.
In late 2011, they presented their first album of 13 songs “With my Crew” which helped them gain recognition and several concerts outside Catalonia and the Iberian Peninsula.



Lurking Behind the Woods (2014)
Two Shameless Acoustic Songs (2016)
Shameless (2016)




Not Active