Druzhina was created in 2006 with the song ‘Les nuits au bord de la liberte visqueuse’. Some rehearsals took place in Geneva, Switzerland, and soon the track was recorded in SAE Institute with our ally from a local studio performing studio bass. This song was never released as a single, and a chance to incorporate it towards a broader concept appeared in June 2007.
The first album was recorded in 2007, and this time involved a full recording process as well as guest musicians including a female vocalist, violin player and a danish studio bassist taking care of all the bass tracks, except for “Les nuits…” Grand Piano was also used as a duo element with violin on the ending track.
After Druzhina has been incorporating it’s ideas, ideals and musical inspirations into what seemed reasonable common grounds, the first full-length album name was established: “Echoes of Distant Battles”.
A year has passed and inevitable inner changes have occurred and it was decided that a new album was to be recorded, having a much more stable ground on both ideological and musical levels. An incorporated concept, illuminated upon prototypes of ancient Russian tales, “bilini” and orchestrated as folk-black-metal.
Striving towards a folk-orientated metal genre with accents on the brutality and the fusion of acoustic, classical, atmospheric and psychedelic genres: changes should always be expected, and silent voices of the new era are distantly heard…

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Echoes of Distant Battles (2008)
Kosmonoetika (2009)
Опричник (EP 2011)
Third Henosis (2015)




Not Active