dur dabla

The common passion for folk and pagan metal caused the band to be born in 2007. Located in the heart of a region rich in legends and folk music, Brittany is an essential source of inspiration for Dur Dabla. It is also an opening to other Celtic folklore across the channel, which allows Dur Dabla borrows music from both Breton and Celtic music to its metal.
Dur Dabla expressed by the fusion of folk instruments with distorted guitars. Energetic, the band’s compositions are inspired by Breton and Irish folklore while leveraging the diversity of metal music to thrill the audience. If it is often dynamic, music Hard Dabla knows as well ask more melancholic atmospheres. Singing, sometimes screaming, sometimes clear, greatly contributes to the varied musical panel group.
A first demo was made in 2010, followed by an EP in 2012.



Dur Dabla (Demo 2010)
Spered ar Broioù Kozh (EP 2012)
Eñvor an Avel (2016)




Not Active