Where fresh blood rushes through the veins and the youthful fire of passion burns in the heart, vision and tradition come together to give birth to new life. So saw Dvalin anno 2010 in the Lower Franconian Würzburg the light of day – a promising alliance of various influences, named after a legendary dwarves of Norse mythology, but musically rather a sleeping giant identical, whose awakening will shake the scene in a massive quake, as it has not experienced in years! Seven passionate souls who give their attention to traditional instrumented Pagan Metal virtuoso form, interweaving it with brute Melodic Death riffing and visionary grant of progressivity collection, open up the boundaries of the known wide, fertile territory.
After they released a promo in 2014 they signed with NoiseArt Records. They will release a debut-album ‘Aus dem Schatten’ in 2016.



Promo (2014)
Unter den Eichen (Single 2015)
Aus dem Schatten (2016)
Ravenous Dreams (EP 2023)