Dzö-nga [zone-ga] is a blackened folk metal band formed in 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts. The project draws inspiration from folklore and mythology to create genre-blending epics, imbuing a Cascadian black metal sound with classical music flair. After raising eyebrows with debut release ‘Five Treasures of Snow’, songwriter Cryvas brought in a vocalist to record the project’s first LP, The Sachem’s Tales. Picked up by renowned label Avantgarde Music, ‘Tales’ earned Dzö-nga an international following with its fresh take on folk and atmospheric metal.



Five Treasures of Snow (Demo 2016)
Upon the Shimmered Bough (EP 2017)
The Sachem’s Tales (2017)
Into the Heart of the Ice Split (2018)
Above the Night​-​Enveloped World (Compilation 2019)
Thunder in the Mountains (2020)