The band was founded in 2014, when members of the black metal band Prohod, wished to start a folk metal band.
The band combines the classical folk metal approach with traditional Romanian elements and sequences of modern metal. The first four singles have been received very well.
The concept “E-an-na” represent mainly a metaphysical world, in which the universal laws to which we are used to do not apply. It’s a world forged for those who want to depart from this world, which is enthropic and filled with negative thoughts, so they can fully focus on the things that matter, that give us a reason to live. It’s a world for those wanting to follow their own way, without being distracted by little, meaningless things.
In 2016 they release their first album ‘Jiana’.



Jiana (Single 2015)
Tinca Popii (Single 2015)
Sârbă Ciobănească (Single 2016)
Cei Căzuţi (Single 2016
Jiana (EP 2015)
Jianna (2016)
Epitaf (Single 2017)
Viu (Single 2018)
Nesfârşite (2019)
Alveolar (2023)