Once started as Smoker’s Corner, with covers of Metallica and Nirvana, this band was slowly reformed. Their interest in myths and sagas and the love of some band-members for role-playing caused them to write their own first songs in this genre in 2998. The named themselves after the small hobbit Thoris Eichenschild the character from “The little Hobbit” by Tolkien. After years of practise and very few gigs they recorded their first album. In 2001 a second one followed and it was followed by a lot of gigs. After quite a few changes in the line-up, causing them to practise a lot, the band could go on and the third album was released. Eichenschild is a typical German band, with a ‘lot medieval’, but this time it’s very danceable!

Eichenschild logo



Mondscheinlegenden (2000)
Auf Gedeih und Verderb (2001)
Das Ende vom Lied (2005)



Not Active