Authentic Celtic folk blended with modern death metal, heavenly influenced by the “Gothenburg sound”. This is the kind of music which the band describes as ‘new wave of folk metal’, and this brought the Swiss band success. The fastest growing band in the pagan-metalscene. Chrigel started a studio-project in 2002, it was then the first EP ‘Ven’ came to live. Due to their big international success it was sold out pretty quick. The band got to sing with the label ‘Fear Dark’ and the EP was remastered and partially rerecorded. After this Eluveitie became a band which performs with a lot of the big names in the folk-metalscene.
In 2009 the band releases an acoustic CD, with a lot of new songs. The band proves, acoustic can be pretty heavy. Eluveitie may be called THE folk-metalband. They’re not the band which invented folk-metal, but the band which proved with their metal-hard folk, this is a genre which should be taken seriously.
In 2014 the band is back on track with it’s beautiful Celtic influences and they improved their show, thus becoming the leading folk-metalband.
But this seems all a fairytale, when the whole band seems to fall apart when multiple first-hour members leave the band and Chrigel has to form the band once again. But he succeeds in this and the band is back with a new acoustic album.


Straight from the Gaullish heart (2012)



Vên (Demo 2003)
Vên (EP 2004)
Spirit (2006)
Slania (2008)
Live at Metalcamp (2008)
Omnos (Single 2009)
Evocation I – The Arcane dominion (Acoustic 2009)
Slania/Evocation I – The Arcane (Metal Hammer Edition) 2009
Everything Remains as it Never Was (2010)
Meet the Enemy (Single 2011)
Live in Tilburg (2011)
The Early Years (2012)
Helvetios (2012)
Origins (2014)
Live at Feuertanz 2013 (2014)
Evocation II – Pantheon (Acoustic 2017)
Rebirth (Single 2017)
Ategnatos (2019)
Live At Masters Of Rock (2019)

Eluveitie Tour 2014
Ragnarök 2013
Tour Sabaton (2112)
Metalfest, Loreley 2012
Paganfest 2012
Neckbreakers Ball 2011
Burgfolk 2011
Paganfest 2011
Burgfolk 2010
Paganfest 2010
Paganfest 2008