Elvenking is active in the European metal-scene since 1997. After a lot of gigs the first CD was finally released in 2001. But this was just the beginning, by releasing albums the band could share its ideas with an ever growing audience. With ‘The Scythe’ they Italian fantasy metallers Elvenking started a new chapter in their history. The style is darker and heavier then before, you can still notice the mystic heart and the beautiful melodies which are the foundation of this mix of folk- and power-metal.


Of All Times (2012)
Inspired by Strong Feelings (2023)



To Oak Woods Bestowed (Demo 2000)
Heathenreel (2001)
Wyrd (2004)
The Winter Wake (2006)
The Scythe (2007)
From Blood to Stone (Single 2008)
Two Tragedy Poëts (2008)
Red Silent Tides (2010)
Era (2012)
The Pagan Manifesto (2014)
Night of Nights (DVD/CD 2015)
Secrets of the Magick Grimoire (2017)
Reader of the Runes – Divination (2019)
Reader of the Runes – Rapture (2023)