Emerald Night

Emerald Night was founded in 1996 and in that same year they recorded a demo. In 1999 they released a debut album ‘Bloom of Twilight’. Their music can be described as Symphonic Melodic Black metal with folk-influences.



The Moon (Demo 1996)
Bloom of Twilight (1999)
From Blackthorn to the Stars (2002)
Лесная Готика (2005)
Magna Voce per Umbras (2008)
Demonism (Single 2010)
Зеркало Троллей (2011)
Оборотень (Single 2012)
Берсерк (Single 2012)
Король Эльфов (2012)
Во Мраке/Per Umbras (2015)
Magna Voice ab Oblivione (2021)