A lot of people think of black metal when they think of Enslaved. A lot forget Enslaved was one of the founders of the Viking metal genre. And because there are no folk-element they are in fact outside the borders of folk-metal.nl.
Enslaved started as a black-metalband but directly when they made demo’s the lyrics were inspired by Norse mythology. Throughout time their music became less black and more melodic viking metal and they used folk-elements as well. The difference can be heard in albums like Vikingligr Veldi, Frost, Eld and Blodhemn.
But with the album “Mardraum – Beyond the within” Enslaved went in a entire different direction, Progressive metal. They’re always experimenting with new styles and new thought without leaving their roots. After “Mardraum” “Monumension” followed which was even more progressive then “Mardraum”. The big break through of Enslaved is with the album “ISA”.