Equilibrium is a German folk-metalband. They use traditional German melodies. And we don’t mean schlagers, but traditional folk. Metalvocals, violin, flute and a lot of nice melodies. The songs are about German tales and mythology, of course sung in German. When singer Helge leaves the band they manage to find a singer which is just as nice and they manage to keep the band very alive.
In 2014 Sandra and Andi decide to leave the band.
The band fills in the empty spots, but the music moves further and further away from folk-metal after this. In their 2019 album ‘Renegades’ there isn’t much left from the folk-elements.


Equilibrium is Creative again (2012)



Demo (Demo 2003)
Turys Frater (2005)
Sagas (2008)
Die Affeninsel (2010)
Rekreatur (2010)
Waldschrein (2013)
Erdentempel (2014)
Armageddon (2016)
Renegades (2019)

Into the Forest (2016)
Heidenfest 2013
Paganfest 2012
Heidenfest 2010
Paganfest 2010