When Mithotyn ceased to exist in 1999, Stefan Weinerhall started a project with, at that moment, no name to create Music like Mithotyn, but with clear vocals. A demo was recorded in which a drum computer was used. A year later he searched for musicians to make it a band. He didn’t succeed fully, so it remained a project. When in 2002 the request for “Bang your head” and “Wacken Open Air” came in, the time had come to complete the band. They climbed on stage rather nervously at the first gig, because of the fact they hadn’t had much time to practice. The distance between the band-members made this impossible. The audience was enthusiastic still which surprised the band-members, they got thirsty and wanted more of this. The tour was pleasant and they realized the line-up should be consist of member who could concentrate on Falconer.
With the album “Among Beggars and Thieves” the band added some more speed and action to the Music, suited with the lyrics about misery, poverty and the harsh live in Medieval Sweden.

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Demo (2000)
Falconer (2001)
Chapter from a vale Forlorn (2002)
Sceptre of Deception (2003)
Grime vs. Grandeur (2005)
Nocturnal Rites/Falconer (Split 2005)
Northwind (2006)
Among Beggars and Thieves (2008)
Armod (2011)
Black Moon Rising (2014)
From a Dying Ember (2020)




Not Active