FängörN was founded in the city of St. Petersburg in 2007 as a heavy metal band, but chose folk metal as its primary genre and began to work in that direction. Constant changes of the band members were a big problem back in the early days, especially the keyboard players, which played a significant role in the music of the group. After endless changes, the band finally acquired stable members. The band took on the name FängörN and performed its first gig at a folk metal festival in a St-Petersburg club. That festival symbolized the beginning of the concert activities.
In summer 2008 FängörN recorded its first demo called “Trolls’ Strong Beer” consisting of just two songs. In 2009 FängörN released its first album called “Mysterious Land’’. Their music is inspired by new age and ethnic music, and consist of clear vocals (along with extreme), acoustic instruments (like flute, shukauchi, various percussion etc), lots of ambient moments and at last, but not at least with good old vast epic orchestration and choirs.



Mysterious Land (2010)
Where the Tale Lives on (2012)
Inferno (EP 2016)
Forests (Single 2018)
Eternity (2022)