The birth off Fferyllt goes way back to 2003. It’s then, a project is started with the Western European Paganism as the main concept. Because the North of Russia where the members come from is a wide area where it’s very hard to travel, the bands starts as a studio-project, with a limited number of musicians. Slowly it grows and by 2007 Fferyllt is a full band. This means they can bring their music to the people, by recordings as well as concerts. After a promo the band is able to release a first full length. The lyrics are about Celtic and Scandinavian heathen feasts. After this there are a number of changes in the line-up. In 2009 a wish comes true and their début album is released by a real label.
In the years after this some members leave the band. With the help of some guest-musicians they manage to release a second album in 2012. Their music is evolved into Sympho Folk Metal.

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A Celtic Tale (Demo 2006)
A Dance of Druids (2009)
Thurisaz (Single 2009)
Proritsanie (2012)
Achanterez (2015)




Not Active