Fimbulvet started in 2003 as a one-man-project, but grew fast en within a year a complete band was formed. The band recorded a demo “Gjallarhorn” in the same year. After this the band becomes a prey for fierce attacks on their line-up and at last the band decides to continue as a three-man band. Shortly after these events a first album is released.
But the line-up still isn’t steady, but never is the existence of Fimbulvet in danger and the band even performs with some of the finest folk-metalbands.
In 2011 when the band has is with 4 people again, the CD “Frostbrand” is released.



Gjallarhorn (Demo 2004)
Ewiger Winter (2006)
Der Ruf in Goldenen Halle (2008)
Kriegerwahn (EP 2009)
Frostbrand – Nach Flammen Sehnsucht (2011)
Frostbrand – Eines Bildnis Tracht (2014)
Heidenherz (Re-release 2016)
Portale (2023)