March 1997. Alcohol, Finnish rehearsalroom and two guys. Normally bands get founded but the start of Finntroll was more a chain of unfortunate events. In this way traditional Finnish Humppa got mixed with folky black metal. After the first drunk chords the concept of Finntroll was born. A year after this, they record their first demo, which got to be a real success amazingly soon. This caused the band to get into the hands of Spikefarm records soon. The band got expanded to a full band. After the first real album they weren’t only buys writing new songs, but also performing a lot. But due to too much alcohol singer Katla started to get problems with his voice in 2002. He began to frequently drop out and when surgery was not a solution the band decided this couldn’t go on any longer. They attracted a new singer and recorded an acoustic session in a little cabin in the woods. But the band didn’t know very little about saying farewell. When this album “Visor om Slutet” was barely done, Somnium fell of a bridge and later this night he was taken to the Hallen of Rivfader. The band decided to go on because he would have wanted so.
Autumn 2003, when a troll is angry enough nothing can stop him anymore. They enter the studio again and record an more fierce, catchy and punky album. The band gets really big now.
In 2006 they decide to write new material but to do this without Wilska. He gets replaced by Vreth, after which the bands feels like a whole since a long time. The next album is called “Ur Jordens Djup” (From the depths of the Earth) and this makes sense.
Finntroll went from a band which people laughed about to one of the biggest Folk-metalbands on earth. Finland again appears to be the cradle of Folk-metal success: So, hide your daughters, kegs of rum and men of God, for the Trolls from up North are coming to you!


Borknagar, Boney M and Blodsvept (2013)
‘The New Album’ and more… (2012)



Rivfader (demo 1998)
Midnattens Widunder (1998)
Jaktens Tid (2001)
Visor om Slutet (EP 2003)
Trollhammaren (EP 2003)
Nattfodd (2004)
Ur Jordens Djup (2007)
Nifelvind (2010)
Blodsvept (2013)
Vredesvävd (2020)

Ragnarök 2014
Blodsvept tour (2013)
Heidenfest 2012
Heidenfest 2011
Paganfest 2010