Firkin was founded in 2008. The band is about to introduce the unbridledly buoyant genre of Irish-Punk music.
Firkin full of beer, or Firkin’ hell, or just Firkin of the moist Celtic lull of elemental power and rapture.
Coming from a poor district and playing music just for fun they realised their music reached out to a larger audience than expected.
Classical music, jazz, theatre, literature, rock’n’roll are the walks from which Firkin has emerged, and in a way put aside for the passion of simplicity.
Out of this wide spectrum of interests rose Firkin, a common denominator with strong inclination for the energy, the roughness, simplicity and beauty of Celtic punk-rock, where the violinist can jump around without the canonized classical dry-pussy rigidity, where the bass can boost, the theatre director and the writer singer harlequin can play and shout each other’s head off, and the flutist can hop around with his flute without being dumbfounded by a stiff upper lip jury for doing so. That would be the jurisdiction: to throw one Firkin’ hell of a gig, whenever and wherever we get on stage.

firkin logo



Firkinful of Beer (2009)
WHUP (2010)
Igyunk pálinkát! – Hungarian (2012)
Keep on Firkin (DVD 2012)
Keep on Firkin (2012)
Revox (EP 2015)
We Are The Ones (2018)
Firkin – ‘Spice It Up’ (2023)

Wacken 2014