Fresh snow on ancient paths – this briefly sums up this wintery Horda Wolf solo project, which was was planned out long in advance. Well-known for his consistent work with Waldtraene and his three years on bass with Odroerir, he unleashes a mighty winter storm with Firn, which pushes the often tired sounding genre of German Pagan Metal a mighty step ahead. The conceptual inspiration for his debut album “Frostwärts”, in 2022, sprang from his homely, Harz-bound soul, his own pagan spirituality as well as shamanism and an animalistic worldview, which will without any doubt breath fresh energy into the Folk and Metal scene. Back to the roots, back to profundity and seriousness – that´s what one has been wishing for the mead-drunken scene and Firn will add a significant contribution with his mid-paced, majestic anthems and sounds !



Frostwärts (2022)