Flogging Molly is an American Folk Punk / Punk Rock band on the road for a lot of years. “The Rocky road” in this case, because these American guys get their inspiration mainly from Irish Folk. They have a huge reputation. The band is politically and socially very aware of what’s going on. ‘We want people who are unemployed to listen to us” says their singer. And they do around the whole World, but not only unemployed people do so.
It’s always a party when Flogging Molly is in the venue.

Flogging Molly logo



Alive behind a Green Door (1997)
Swagger (2000)
Salty Dog (7″ 2000)
Drunken Lullabies (2002)
Within a Mile of Home (2004)
Whiskey on a Sunday (2006)
Whiskey on a Sunday (DVD 2006)
Complete Control Sessions (2007)
Float (7″ 2008)
Live at the Greek Theatre (DVD 2010)
Live at the Greek Theatre (2010)
Seven Deadly Sins (7″ 2010)
Speed of Darkness (2011)
Life is Good (2017)
Anthem (2022)

Oberhausen 2011
Zwarte Cross 2015