Folkearth is an international project of musicians who like to play folk and viking metal. The name is a contraction of Folk and Earth and is symbolic for the international musicians. The band started in 2003 as a idea of some Russians in Lithuania. They brought this idea to some bands they knew very well. A lot of musicians took part in this project for a while. In 2003 they started to record about 60 minutes of material. A lot of this got lost, causing the first album to be only 40 minutes long and because it was also of very poor quality, they decided to record it all over. “Drakkars in the Myst” is recorded in 2008 with the biggest line-up the band ever knew. Over 20 musicians were working together on this album. This unique structure is the cause this band has never performed live. The way they work around is also remarkable. The recordings start with the idea of one person. The other musicians add something to this. Typical for Folkearth is also the big range of folkinstruments which are used. The musicians work together in small groups. This can be noticed when you listen to an album, it sounds more like a compilation on the older albums. The lyrics are in English with themes like ancient history, religion and Norse, Celtic and Greek mythology. Folkearth is very productive and there have been years in wich more as one album was released. In 2011 they also release an acoustic album “Minstels by the River”.
Another project by this creative mind is Folkodia. After his dead it becomes quiet and it is doubtful if there will ever be another Folkearth release.


Folks of the World United (2013)

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A Nordic Poem (2004)
By the Sword of My Father (2006)
Drakkars in the Mist (2007)
Father of Victory (2008)
Songs of Yore (2008)
Fatherland (2008)
Rulers of the Sea (2009)
Viking’s Anthem (2010)
Sons of North (2011)
Minstrels by the River (2011)
Valhalla Ascendant (2012)
Baldr’s Lament (2014)




Not Active