frost giant

Inspired by Norse mythology, epic metal, punk rock, and combined with an American hardcore attitude, Frost Giant is active since 2005. The music pays no attention to boundaries, deliberately crossing genres and bringing them all together in one truly unique sound. From the mead-hall sing along choruses to the shredding melodic death metal passages laced with tortured growls and screams, from the pounding double bass to the pop-punk riffs that linger for days, Frost Giant’s music journeys through stories and lore, bringing to light the tales of old in a modern folk-metal context.
A demo was released in 2010. Frost Giant’s debut e.p., “When Myth and History Merged into Mystery” (originally from 2012) is released on Blasphemour Records in 2017.


Like Comets (2018)



Winter 2010 (Demo 2010)
When Myth and History Merged into Mystery (EP 2012)
Silver Dagger (EP 2014)
When Myth And History Merged Into Mystery (2017)
The Harlot Star (2018)