Futhark is a Heathen Metal band which started in 2002 by the name “Stormblast”, with the idea to blend Celtic and Scandinavian mythology with paganism and Nordic Black Metal. In this way they try to make something which isn’t made in Colombia. In their first year they record a demo and somewhat later a second one.
In 2003 there are some changes in the line-up, causing to slow down their activities to a bare minimum. But after this they start to rehearse again and in 2005 they release a first album. In 2008 the band finally finds a permanent singer and is Futhark able to pick things up again.

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Rebirth of the Pagan Pride (Demo 2002)
The Rebirth of the Pagan Pride (Demo 2002)
Ørlög (MCD 2005)
Futhark (Demo 2006)
Tale from the Ancient Forest (Split 2013)




Not Active