When you listen to the wind, the singing of birds and the whispers of a little stream, you can hear the legends of our ancestors. Who were they? How did they live? Are this the ancient gods living in places where nobody ever comes? A lot of legends are about these questions and sometimes they become myths. And when this happens the ancient history is transferred to people who are aware of their ancestors and the beauty of their native soil. Two of this kind of people worked together “Grafen von Gleichen”. At first they tried this with black metal with lyrics about gods, live and death and the hatred from the ancient times of their ancestors. After the first musical attempts they searched some other musicians to create a band. They also found a different name… Gernotshagen.
A hundred years ago there was a spot in the shadow of the woods, right under the tower of Walleburg, to the east of what we call Trusetal (in Germany) nowadays. This place was called Gernotshagen. There’s nothing known about the circumstances and the fate of the people who lived here. A lot of artifact which were found tell us their history and stimulate us to think and philosophize about it. Maybe the members of the band are offspring of this people. Maybe the same blood flows through the veins of the band…
Maybe they were fated to carry out the mysterious history of Gernotshagen.
The next step in the success of the band was the addition of an extra band-member on keys. In 2004 an album was recorded in which they expressed their love for nature and history of Thuringen. The songs were melodic, fast and mainly with clear vocals


Still in love with…(2013)



Infinitus Malum (Demo 2001)
Wintermythen (2002)
Live im Kallewerk (DVD 2004)
Mare aus Waldernen Hallen (2007)
Hard as Iron 5 (Split DVD/Video 2008)
Weltenbrand (2011)
Ode Naturae (2020)

Heidenfest 2013
Dark Troll Festival 2013
Ultima Ratio 2008