It was Winter of 2003 – 2004, when Onswar met Helg at one of the local sessions. In 2005 the first Demo “Ancient Times” was recorded at the Onlinerecords Studio, but it was not released or distributed anywhere.
The work on the MCD “Land Of Forgotten” was finished.
Combined performance of GJALLARHORN and Yevhen Vetruk took place in October at “Volia” festival, dedicated to the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks. Gjallarhorn played three compositions from “Legacy”, Yevhen Vetruk performed “Ah, Ukraine” on the old-time bandura.
The band plays Pagan Black Metal, but some folk-influences can be heard as well.

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Into Poetry (2019)



Ancient Times (demo 2005)
Land of Forgotten (EP 2007)
Awakening (2008)
Legacy (Split 2014)
Ivan Pidkova (Split EP 2014)
From Heart Of Mine I Fill The Chalice (2014)
Shlyakh u Vichnistʹ (Split EP 2015)
The Black Tower (EP 2019)
Memories, Nightmares, Ash (2020)