In 2001 Torbjorn Sandvik founded Glittertind. He wanted to start a project inspired by Norwegian tales, traditions, history, art and culture. He melted this in a big black pot with punk, metal and folk. The name is chosen because of the association with nature, national mystic and because it lies in the geographic heart of Norway, Jotunheimen. After recording a demo, of which a large number of copies were sold, the début-album “Evige Asatro” (Eternal believe in the Nordic Gods). One of the comments on this album: “..One listen to one-man Norwegian project Glittertind will instantly make you want to eat meat off the bone, casually get into a drunken fight and possibly grow a huge beard as well, thanks to their raucous Pogues-turned-up-to-11 sound. Madder than a donkey on a trampoline and twice as ludicrous, this is also an incredible amount of fun!.. ” And all this for a 17 year old boy, in those days. After a bunch of fine critics Glittertind signs with Napalm Records in 2008.
The Glittertind music developed over the years, with the 2015 album the music changed to folk-pop. With this change Glittertind went outside the borders of


Glittertind Lonely on his Way? (2012)

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Mellom Bakkar Og Berg (Demo 2002)
Evige Asatro (2003)
Heathen Soil (Demo 2003)
Til Dovre Faller (EP 2005)
Landkjenning (2009)
Evige Asatro / Til Dovre Faller (2009)
Djevelsvart (2013)
Blåne for blåne (2015)




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