goblin hovel

Founded in 2010 with the hiatus of the first Meadville Gnome Folk Metal band Gnome Hut, Goblin Hovel is the solo project of Goblin. This project continued along the same lines as Gnome Hut, but with more emphasis on the folk influence. The live band consists of various musicians. The music is predominately based on Scandinavian and eastern European folk music, although recent songs incorporate Chinese, African, and Brazilian influence as well. Prominent lyrical themes are goblins, ghosts, shamanism, alchemy, melancholia, and mythology.


Without Care, Without Fear, Without Chains (2016)

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Lord of Misrule (Demo 2012)
Inheritance (Demo 2012)
Our Haunted Garden (EP 2013)
Goblin Hovel (EP 2013)
Wonders Gone Dark, Shadows Brought to Life (EP 2014)
Kobalos (Single 2014)
Strigiform Avatar (Single 2014)
The Cinnabar Fields (Single 2014)
We’re Not Out of the Woods Yet (Split 2014)
The Roots That Broke the Stone (2014)
The Great Reversal (EP 2015)
Loveless, Loreless, Lost (2015)
Blood Among the Leaves and Water (2015)
The Five Year Chronology (Collaboration 2015)
Revered Revenant of Irreverence (2016)
La Citta Dei Tre Volti (2017)
Scio et Scriptum Est (EP 2017)
On the Bright Side of the Dark Forest (2018)
Nothing Like Our Fantasy (2019)
The Comedy of Forms, The Tragedy of Function (2020)
Whatever Keeps The Lights On (2022)