gods tower

Gods Tower was formed back in 1989. Up to 1992 the band was working out its own musical concept and style, repeatedly changing its name and line-up. In the long run the band was made up in summer 1992. In the same year the debut demo Demolition Tape was recorded. At that time the band was still called Chemical Warfare. The music played at that time can be defined as death/thrash with the tendency for Gothic doom. At the end of 1992 the band changed its name for the last time to Gods Tower. The music style altered towards pagan Gothic doom metal. During this time session keyboard players are often used by the band. The sound becomes rich, deep and atmospheric.
The second demo-tape, The Eerie, saw the light of the day in summer 1993, offering the fans great pagan Gothic doom with the elements of old-Belorussian folklore in the basis.
July 16 2002 on account of the bunch of accumulated problems the band announced its break-up.
In 2010 a band reunion is announced and they pick up where they left earlier.



The Eerie (Demo 1993)
Canticles (Demo 1994)
The Turns (Demo 1995)
The Turns (1997)
Twilight Lives 94-97 (Video/VHS 1997)
The Eerie (1998)
Ebony Birds (Compilation 2000)
Abandon All Hope (Compilation 2001)
The Anthology (Compilation 2004)
The Greatest Arrows (Compilation 2005)
Steel Says Last (2011)
Heroes Die Young (EP 2013)
Roll Out (EP 2013)
Mirrors and Echoes (Compilation 2020)