The band was founded in 2005 with the name Raven Blood” later this was changed into Vorog and in 2007 it became Grai (meaning the bird’s cry). Later on in the same year an EP(demo) was recorded. They presented this EP with Arkona’s “Ot Serdza k nebu” CD presentation.
After some LP’s the band releases their first CD “The sagebrush” in 2009. The music by Grai is a distinctive synthesis of traditional pagan metal elements based on the rhythms and the atmosphere of traditional Russian folk-rock. In this synthesis the flute-sounds are interwoven with solo-guitar play against the dynamic rhythm-section. Hard imposing fragments being intensified by the bagpipes sounds are enriched by appeasing keyboard passages. But the main piquancy of new songs is lace-like well-balanced vocal trio of the band-singers. With their voices they plunge a listener into the world of our forefathers and ancestors and make us fly by the fields, meadows and forests with fresh wind. And they open to our eyes and hearts the hidden beauty of Native Land.


Russian folk at its best (2012)

Grai logo



Ot istoka (Demo 2007)
Polyn’-trava (2009)
O Zemle Rodnoy (2009/2013)
Warmoth the Bitter Grass (2009/2013)
MLada (2014)
In the Arms of Mara (Vinyl 2014)
Postup’ zimy (Single 2016)
Donya (Single 2017)
Ashes (2017)
Марь (EP 2022)