greenland whalefishers

Greenland Whalefishers started out in Bergen Norway in 1994, long before anyone had heard of bands like Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphys. Combining British punk with Celtic folk influences, the band soon became one of the most interesting post-pogues bands.

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The Mainstreet Sword (1996)
Loboville (2001)
Streets of Salvation (2004) Loboville (2005)
The Mainstreet Sword (2005)
Down and Out (2006)
Amazing Space (b-sides and other crap 2008)
Songs from the Bunker(2010)
Live At Farmer Phil`s Festival (2012)
Looney Tunes EP (2015)
Thirsty Cave (2015)
Based on a True Story (2019)