In early middle ages, when only a few people could read, minstrels travelled throughout Europe to play and tell the people stories about kings, local heroes, good and evil and all kinds of other things which amused people and gave them Faith. One of these stories was about the heathen group of witches Grimm, who ruled southern Netherlands in those days. There was told they were the last group of druids, resisting, but in the end they were convicted and killed by the Inquisition. Now they’re back and their main goal is: Revenge! With their Music they cursed the next generation of inquisitors.
The Music of Grimm is an unique blend of Medieval folklore and heavy metal, with black poetry as lyrics, magic spells, tales about the powers of the dark side op people, revenge and the gate to spiritual freedom.
At the end op 2009, about the time their album “Ter Galge” is released, the band hits the stage again.
In 2010 they do quite a number of gigs. After this the singer leaves the band. This lead to a total split-up eventually.

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Nederland Netherlands


Beukhok Demo (Demo 1998)
Lasterkwaad (Live 2000)
Promo 2000 (Demo 2000)
Pagan Folk Metal (Comp. 2004)
Live in Eindhoven (Live 2005)
Dark Medieval folklore (2006)
Heksenkringen (2007)
Ter Galge (EP 2009)

Drakkarfest 2012
Straalschijfontketenfeest 2010




Not Active