the gentle storm

With a working relationship dating back to 1998, two of Holland’s finest musicians have united for a new project dubbed The Gentle Storm.
Ayreon mastermind / multi-instrumentalist Arjen Lucassen and vocalist Anneke van Giersbergen – who rose to fame with The Gathering – originally crossed paths in ’98 for Ayreon’s breakthrough third album, Into The Electric Castle. Ten years later they teamed up again for Ayreon’s seventh album, 01011001, both having established themselves as world renowned heavy metal / rock artists in the decade between releases. Although their respective musical styles went in vastly different directions during that time, Arjen and Anneke retained a common ground that ultimately led to the creation of The Gentle Storm.
The Gentle Storm double album is an epic production of Ayreon proportions, divided into two parts as a full-on metal assault and lighter folk arrangements. It also heralds Anneke’s return to the realms of heavy guitars and soaring vocals reminiscent of The Gathering’s breakthrough album, Mandylion.
Arjen, however, will not be part of the live production.

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