haggis and bong

Founded in 2007, Haggis and Bong has established themselves as one of the most enjoyed and exciting new acts in the South African music world. Haggis and Bong have made their mark on the South African music industry and have been featured in respected shows and festivals. The band has grown from a two man experimental act to the current six piece musical extravaganza they now present.
In 2008, the band released their first album, Fire in the Bowl.
With strong catchy melody lines and fast paced, technical rhythms, the pipes are the driving force behind the band’s unique sound. Reinforced with sensational drumming, deep, funky and rhythmic bass lines and uplifting trombone sounds, the band presents an ensemble of instruments that has transcended the boundaries of traditional musical genres and has created a unique sound that sets the band apart from the rest.

 South Africa


Fire in the Bowl (2008)
Of Myth and Legend (2012)
Third Time Lucky (2012)
Battle Destroyer (Single 2013)




Not Active