heather wasteland

Heather Wasteland creates 3-bass Heretical Folk Art in neo-medieval metal way. The band was founded in 2001.
A distinctive feature of the group was the presence of two bass players and a drummer in the band’s line-up, and an intended refuse to use guitars.
Heather Wasteland existed until the spring of 2002.
In October of 2014, the band was reunited with the original line-up, but also recruited the third bass player.
Their music is marked by the uncommon approach to folk metal, and interest in obscure or “forbidden” topics of pre-christian and medieval periods of European history, often in the esoteric context.
In 2015 Heather Wasteland recorded 4 tracks for their debut EP “Under The Red Wolfish Moon” which is released in 2016.



Under a Red Wolfish Moon (EP 2016)
The Sverd (maxi single 2019)