Heid’s story is somewhat complex. A few members started working some issues in 2011 . Then they searched for more members to form a group, but seeing with many difficulties, decided to leave it for later.
Then they had contact with Sons of Midgaard, a formed band that needed drums and guitar. The two entered the viking group and introduced his songs. Then a flute-player entered the project, but the three newcomers would be separated from the group, dubbed by Drakhai as Heid. Then the three went looking for new members for the group, which already has many original songs and a very clear focus.
Over the months, and following the comings and goings of other members, the group sets its current lineup.
Heid combines the sound of the northern end and the American black metal with Castilian folklore, singing in their native language and using instruments like the mandolin or flute.
They released a demo in 2013 and a first EP the year after.


Voices of Heid (2014)

Heid logo



Heid (Demo 2013)
Voces de la Tierra Dormida (EP 2014)
Alba (2016)




Not Active