The most important Dutch band @ Folk-metal.nl is without any doubt Heidevolk. In style with their heroic stories from Dutch soil, which are about a large part of Dutch history, the band sings in Dutch. This proud warriors of Gelre played the anthem of Gelre often in their shows. Their lyrics are about the Batavian, Frysians ands the warriors of Gelre in the medieval times. And also the gods which took care of our ancestors are praised in a lot of songs. With their two male singers Heidevolk has an unique style.
In 2010 the vocalists of Heidevolk contributed to “Na Moey Zemble” of Arkona. The band has earned a place between great bands like Eluveitie, Ensiferum and others. In 2010 they participate in the Heidenfesttour, and they played on many big metalfestival.
In 2013 singer Joris decides to leave the band. Although only the drummer was the only original bandmember from now, a good replacement was found. After the recording of their album ‘Velua’, Marc and Raemon left the bands as well. But Heidevolk goes on stronger then ever, with tours in Europe and America.