Henderwyd (pronounced “hendervid”; in Welsh language “wise druid”) born in 2008 as a melodic death metal band with the name Morgomir. After composing some original tracks they record a demo in 2009 entitled “Black Wood.” In 2010 the band changes its name in Henderwyd and their genre in folk metal. Also the sound is always more influenced by Celtic folk music .At the end of 2011 they record a CD with seven original tracks that will be released in March 2012 where the band experiments with different kinds of folk metal (folk, viking, epic, celtic, etc..). Actually they carry on the live activity searching for a label. Their music is given by the fusion of metal instruments and rhythms to folk instruments such as flutes and accordion with influences in Occitan and Irish music. The project is inspired by the figure of the ancient Breton bard Taliesin, who was perhaps the first to write down those stories, those thoughts and those Celtic legends that are still living now.

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