Holy Blood

Holy Blood started in 1999. In the beginning they played hardcore. In 2001 the band expanded to a six-piece, and they got to play melodic death metal. In 2002 there was an important change in the line-up and a flute was introduced. The band was now ready to play folk/black/deathmetal.
The band is one of the few Christian bands in this scene, in 2004 they signed with the Christian label Bombworks Records.
When the band falls apart in 2008, some members start, a new band with the name Oskord.
With new members the band goes on and new albums are released as well.



The Wanderer (2002)
Waves are dancing (2005)
The Patriot (2008)
Shining Sun (2010)
Den’ otmshcheniya (2014)
Glory to the Heroes (EP 2017)
Voice of Blood (2019)