hounds of bayanay

Hounds of Bayanay is an Etno/folk-metalband from Russia. The band’s name is associated with the Yakut god of nature and forests – Baay Bayanay. This deity is protector of hunters and can bestow generous prey. Instead dogs he has wild wolves.
Naming emphasizes the closeness of team spirit to the native culture and nature.
The group gathered in the spring of 2014. In fact, the idea of creating a band was born a year earlier in the minds of its two founders – manager Dmitry Mikhailov and guitarist-composer Alexander Yakovlev.
In 2015 the band releases an debut-album ‘Kıhın’.

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First Demos Vol. 1 (Compilation 2016)
First Demos Vol. 2 (Compilation 2016)
Муус (EP 2016)
Timir Djigistey (Single 2016)
Kırgıs yye (Single 2017)
Legend of the North (2023)