Hypocras is a musical project that started in 2006. In the beginning, was only instrumental, composed with a flute, a drum, an electric guitar and a bass. In 2006 Hypocras recorded a full instrumental demo mostly inspirited by traditional Celtic music.
In 2007-2008, the band marked a nine months break because of the flutist who spent an academic year in the USA. He nevertheless wrote new tracks adapted to welcome a metal singer!
After this break, the band quickly re-formed in fall 2008 welcoming a new guitarist, a new bassist and a singer. The band recorded a three songs demo.
In 2010 the EP “Burning Drakkar“ was released.



Burning Drakkar (EP 2010)
The Seed of Wrath (2013)
Implosive (EP 2016)




Not Active