in extremo

If only every battle between people was as peaceful as “Sangerkrieg” (singerswar) by In Extremo. The lyrics of this album by this German band ties the history to the present. Tales of Bardgames, with singers battling accompanied by bagpipes. This band makes rock not metal. But there’s so much folk and medieval elements in their music….
The band has a long impressive history, with a large number of albums, but also a lot of festivals. Almost all big festivals have had In Extremo on their list: Roskilde, Rock am Ring, Wacken Open Air.
In 2015 they celebrate their 20th anniversary with an special festival and lots of more nice stuff for the fans.



In Extremo (Demo 1996)
Gold (1997)
Hameln (1998)
Weckt die Toten (1998)
Die Verruckten sind in der Stadt (Live 1998)
Verehrt und Angespien (u1999)
Weckt die Toten/ Verehrt und Angespien (3-voudig picture lp 2001)
Sunder ohne Zugel (2001
Live (Live 2002)
Live 2002 (DVD 2002)
7 (2003)
In Extremo Collectors Box Set (2004)
Mein rasend Herz (2005)
Raue Spree (live 2006)
Kein Blick zurück (comp. 2006)
Sängerkrieg (2008)
Sängerkrieg Akustik Radio-Show (Live 2008)
Am Goldenen Rhein (DVD 2009)
Am Goldenen Rhein (Live 2009)
Sterneneisen (2011)
Auf den Dächern (Live 2011)
Sterneneisen Live (DVD 2012)
Quid pro Quo (2016)
40 Wahre Lieder (DVD/CD 2017)
Kompass Zur Sonne (2020)

Kunstraub tour, Dynamo
Metalfest, Loreley 2012
In Extremo + Baldrs Draumar
Summerbreeze 2011