These five Swiss Metal individualists hail from the picturesque Muotathal. In 2009 the initiators founded their extraordinary band Infinitas.
In 2015 the participants debuted with the 3-track EP „Self-Destruction“.
In the following, the intentionally willful and stylistically open yet very organic style developed relatively quickly: melodically catchy loaded Folk Heavy Metal with functionally guided Thrash Metal attacks.
The conceptual work “Civitas Interitus” dances courageously out of line. The formation shows its abilities with these lively debut album on an audibly more mature and stable level.
By means of equally present strings, the Swiss give their songs a charming and finely decorating folklore color. Laura brings with her e-recorder additional, playful-dreaming nuances.
In 2022 there was a change in the line-up and they went on with a new female lead singer.

Infinitas logo



Self-Destruction (EP 2015)
Civitas Interitus (2017)
Infernum (2019)