Irrbloss was founded in 2004, but because of several other projects, it wasn’t a very active project. In 2006 they met again to plan the future for Irrbloss and then decided to make Irrbloss a full band with a complete line-up. Irrbloss recorded their first demo, Hymns, in 2007. Followed by an first album Bloodline in 2009.
The bands first gig outside of Sweden was at the German festival Ragnarök in April 2009. Until the fall of 2010 Irrbloss performed live both in Sweden and abroad while simultaneously writing the music for the next album. Then one after the other almost all bandmembers left teh band. In 2012 the band has found new members and a EP will be released with 2 old and 2 new songs.
In 2016 they pack the band in ice, and release a last self-titled EP.

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Galdr (Demo 2004)
Hymns (Demo 2007)
Bloodline (2009)
Yggdrasil (2014)
Irbloss (EP 2016)




Not Active