Once rainy night in 2018, a motley band of drinkers convened in a musty old beer den in Tokyo, Japan. One arousing discussion led to another, and they eventually fell to music, their shared passion. It was heartily agreed that folk and pirate metal were friggin’ sweet, and that songs such as “Alestorm” and “Rumahoy” were way, way excellent. Though accounts are expectedly blurred, it was at about this moment that the assembly declared the formation of an epic folk metal band, one to spread ancient and totally metal Japanese folklore and history around the world. Nay, the universe.
And so the drinkers set to work. Led by Kei Koganemaru (“Gogami”), a composer known for his work in Mysterious Priestess and Koenji Hyakkei, the band released their first album on November 11th, 2018.
Promising never to forsake their roots, the band is on a mission to listen to sick songs, spread Japanese folklore around the world, and drink a whole load of beer.

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Ryugu Drinking Party (Single 2018)
Ōeyama no Tsuki (Single 2018)
Japanese Folk Metal (2018)
Horai no Ryu (Single 2019)
Urameshiya / Ninja Utamaro (Single 2020)
Japanese Folk Metal 2 (2021)