Kalevala hms

The Italian band Kalevala was founded in 1995 and plunders with impunity from different musical traditions, the Celtic Music Metal, Rock from the 70s to the French chanson. The result is a quite diverse sound which goes in all directions. Nice folk-rock, very few metal, but also songs like the Pogues and Fiddlers Green make them, nice folk-punk, speedfolk and what else…



Fall (Demo 1998)
Worlds End Inn (EP 2003)
Quinze Marins (2004)
Quinze Marins – Ristampa 2007 (2007)
Quinze Marins – Remasters 2008 (2008)
Rigmarole (Demo 2008)
Musichiere Benefico Invernale (2009)
Musicanti di Brema (2011)
There and Back again (2012)
Tuoni, Baleni, Fulmin (2014)
If We Only Had a Brain (2020)



Not Active